Mid-life Crisis becomes Mid-life Cello;

Subtitled “If I knew then what I know now I never would have done it and I’d have missed out on so much.”

Ten years later, still working on that six month plan to sound just like YoYo. It might take longer than I thought.


Get a piano

Many many years ago I was listening to an NPR show where Itzak Perlman was the guest speaker.  He is an amazing, awesome, lovable violinist, and was speaking to the Washington Press Club.  At the end of the program there was a Q & A.  One question posed to Perlman was something like, ‘I’m 40 …

Why Practice Works

After I watched this I remembered “The Music Man” and the “think method”.  I guess Professor Harold Hill was on to something.  My other thought was that I’m not really wasting time when I’m thinking about my music.   It counts as practice.   Now I’m wondering if myelin is produced as effectively in older …