Mid-life Crisis becomes Mid-life Cello;

Subtitled “If I knew then what I know now I never would have done it and I’d have missed out on so much.”

Ten years later, still working on that six month plan to sound just like YoYo. It might take longer than I thought.


Yoga Cello

You know the old adage “Slow and steady wins the race?” Well, learning to play the cello is not a race, but slow and steady is crucial. I am returning to pieces I’ve worked on in the past but never “finished”.  I felt so good after working through Élégie that now I’m back to the …

You gotta love it

Well, yes, you should love your cello playing, that too.  But I was actually thinking about the internet.  It is an incredible source for all things cello. For instance, I am getting ready to play a slew of cello and piano music with my fabulously talented sister.  One of the pieces we will be playing …

Rockin’ Rhythms

What really throws me is when I’m looking at a new piece, whether at home or sight reading in orchestra, happily playing along with quarter notes, maybe a dotted quarter and an eighth.   All of a sudden, there’s a measure with a rhythm that is different from what I’ve been doing (what was that …